Lightning fast
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Yep. Exactly.

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The length of my replies should not be an indicator of how much I like you.

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ppl who say my blog is good

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"Lightning fast with uncanny intuition. Good at unconventional practices, which makes her unfit for group operations."

i know i go on about it more then i should but i really like sasha blouse. i don’t like how she’s ridden off as pure comic relief // (granted she is the potato girl) 

what i like about her is that she doesn’t hide how frikken terrified she is. she is horrified by everything going on around her and is seen many times crying and struggling to deal with it. but she does. and she stays steadfast by her friends despite it all. she is exceptionally skilled and i think it is only her nerves that sometimes get the better of her.

her unconventional methods which at times make her unsuitable for teamwork also help her team mates. (her quick thinking saved samuel at the fall of wall trost) she also took down a 3 meter titan without any manoeuvre gear or sword but with a bow and arrow while defending a young girl on her own.

i like how she provides her team mates with a little distraction on down time with her food shenanigans. it’s one thing they can all agree on and that’s the fact she goes a bit overboard with her love of food! but then again it’s nice that she finds happiness amidst all the death and chaos around her in the simplest of things

i really hope that they don’t kill her off. i think its the kind of character that has the potential to grow and develop. i would love to see her conquer her fears and become a badassery potato eating member of the new squad and show her team mates and all the snk fans what she’s made of!  

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Hey guys~

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When someone leaves your bedroom door open.



What it looks like:

What it feels like:

I’ve seen nothing more accurate than this.

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7) Screenshot your dash

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10 Days of SnK (2/10)

Favorite Female Character: Sasha Braus

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